Foam Carving

As artists, we are excited by the large potential for foam in a wide variety of areas.

Uses include:

  • customized artwork for the home interior
  • entertainment rooms
  • outside patios and living space enhancements such as concrete coated artwork or sculptures
  • fountains, water features, concrete stamps or molds

The characteristics and properties of foam make it very useful for foam carvings, foam sculptures, and more. It is light, easy to carve, and can be coated with a wide variety of products from concrete and stucco for exterior architecture to polymers for interior or fine finished gloss sculptures. From free form cut shapes, lettering, and numbers for signs, to complex 3-D carvings, foam is an ideal product for those of us that dream to create. Make your event unforgettable, contact us to get started with our  foam carvings in Sacramento.

A sampling of our foam fabrication services

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