Balloon Art

Balloons are no longer simply for youthful events and birthday celebrations.

Today many momentous gatherings are best served by the celebratory atmosphere balloons produce. Balloons are a mainstay for political events and sports competitions, and are your dollar’s best friend. There is no decor product as versatile and visually stirring for the cost. Our balloon artists consistently use the newest and highest quality products to produce the latest trends. Stunning balloon walls, impressive balloon arches, balloon centerpieces, astonishing bouquets and much more! Balloons can be a wonderfully fun and whimsical way to create an inviting atmosphere for your special event. They assist in transforming stale venues into spectacular event spaces full of color and movement. The balloon options the Party Concierge has to offer transcend your average balloon bouquet; creating unique and exquisite events full of flair! Contact us for stunning balloon designs and décor in Sacramento.

A sampling of our balloon art services

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